Rich men of Africa

Before you want to compare yourself to Bamis, look at these two men, these are the ones who gave another face to the city of Yaoundé and Douala, the first is Victor Fotso alone he owns 45 buildings in the center area of which 10 occupied by our ministries. He …

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Nikanika boy impregnates a 12 year old girl

Recently it came under the notice of the Mamponteng police station that a certain 12 year old has been impregnated by a   Man in his late 40’s who operates a grinding mill machine in Aboaso, a nearby town. The said man who according to  reports lured the little girl …

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Has this man betrayed us.

Please, if you are a moslem and wants to donate to an NGO, Church Project/building, Shrine building/project or any other activity that will bring coexistence in our society, kindly contact this man ASAP… ,,. He’s a master planner in executing such projects perfectly…. He’s the current spoke person for NATIONAL …

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