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Rich men of Africa

Before you want to compare yourself to Bamis, look at these two men, these are the ones who gave another face to the city of Yaoundé and Douala, the first is Victor Fotso alone he owns 45 buildings in the center area of which 10 occupied by our ministries.

He owns 21 Boeing of which 15 occupied by Rwandan airline, in the only region of the center, his multiple companies employ 1800 people of which 1500 are from the south, From the East and Central, Cameroon, he alone employs 7000 Cameroonians, in Asia, his companies employ more than 1000 people, the 2th is Kadji Deffosso, it’s thanks to him that the first has known business world.

He alone owns the largest building in Africa based in South Africa, I am what I am today because of this man, he is the Property of Cameroonian Union of Breweries, Supermont, he owns a he alone 45 % shares of orange Cameroon, 25 % shares in Dangote Ciment, he owns 56 buildings in douala city and 60 in the central region, he employs over 6000 Cameroonians, so by grace, respect this people.

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