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Oldest woman from Pakistan is 210 years old.

wonders they say will never end and if there is anything to wonder of again then one cannot help but wonder at this 210 year old woman from Pakistan who is currently celebrating her birthday today.

The exact date of the said woman remain undisclosed but looking at the outward appearance of the woman will erase any doubt that she is truly 210 year old.

So how did she manage to stay alive till date and still showing signs of strength, her relatives in a way seem to see her as an immortal creature who will leave on forever.
According to some source she has lost most of. Her family members who have mostly died with age and some with sickness.

So why didn’t she pass on her DNA to her family for them to be equally graced with age, could it be that she had no control over it or she is the only being blessed with this way of life

Well so we wait for the next person who will pass her with age.

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