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Nikanika boy impregnates a 12 year old girl

Recently it came under the notice of the Mamponteng police station that a certain 12 year old has been impregnated by a   Man in his late 40’s who operates a grinding mill machine in Aboaso, a nearby town.

The said man who according to  reports lured the little girl to a sleeping chamber in his milling workplace and comfortably had his way with her.

One woman who saw their daily activities said anytime the girl comes to grind her food stuff the Man does it for free and sometimes gift her some cash and some expensive material for her up keep which was always a surprise to her.

It was therefore no surprise when the young girl started showing signs of pregnancy which she quickly identified the culprit involved, after thorough investigations the young girl was presented with 35,000 cedis to look after her self till she delivers.

The man is currently released and returned to working in his mill till the unborn child comes into this world.

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