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Lady fakes pregnancy and kidnapping to make government unpopular

In recent times in Takoradi in Ghana a west African country there has been multiple kidnapping. This was first noticed when a certain foreign nationals from Canada went missing in broad day light and with the timely intervention of the Ghana police plans where quickly carried out and this ladies were rescued and quickly sent back to their country.

Fast forward to some months and three girls simultaneously went missing prompting the whole Ghanaian to their toes in search of the girls but to no avail, after months of searching the dead bodies were found and the parents shared tears and couldn’t be consoled no matter what, the killers where brought to justice and were convicted eventually.

This time around a pregnant woman went missing after her husband laid a complain to the nearby police station who quickly alerted the public to help in search of her, after weeks of searching she was eventually found but without the 9 months pregnancy which was initially claimed.

whether she was a con artist or if she was used for rituals remains a mystery yet to be found out by the Ghana police .

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