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Married to a Sakawa boy who sleeps with relatives

Highly confidential.
Hi Iqra, it’s been weeks you never posted my story why are you bias or is it because of the story? Or is any of your adminstrators related to my husband or he knows me that’s why you don’t want to share the story because I see you posting a lot of stories but not mine. Please post mine too na we all suffering in silence and it is only here we can trust and share our issues.
I’ve married my husband for almost 9 months Iqra and for these 9 months, I have seen and heard something in our house that I feel like it’s a dream to me but I don’t know why I can’t talk as if he possesses all of us not to see, talk or say something. I have tried for weeks inboxing you, you have never posted it and I don’t want to take it to the christians pages to post because I am not a Christian and wouldn’t want to expose ourselves there that’s why I’m here on IQRA so please post it for me.
I have seen with my eyes but couldn’t talk my husband sleeping with some member’s of his closest families walahi Iqra if I’m lying post my photos here this is my real account. Yes, I knew he was into sakawa but I never it has gone this far until after the marriage.
I don’t know if he gives them something to drink or possessed them spiritually I can’t tell but walahi Iqra, I have seen him sleeping with his elder and younger sister, his mother and ine of his Aunty’s who is very closed to my family too. I want to talk but I can’t because as I told you earlier that I feel Someone is holding my mouth and after the incident I can’t ask him.
I want to leave the marriage now but I don’t know how because I’m sure the mother or the sisters and the aunty I saw wouldn’t even believe it because after that, you will see them walking away as if nothing has happened. Iqra, who will believe this if I tell them.
Walahi walahi walahi walahi Iqra, I have seen it with my naked eyes and one time when when I wanted to shout subahanalah, it’s like a padlock has been placed in my mouth and I saw myself walking silently. One thing that scares me is that, he has never warned me about anything when I saw them. Iqra, I need help I am going crazy because no one will believe me. Please I need your help Iqra. I know you won’t believe this but please help me show me your office I will come, I am going mad.


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