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Henry Quartey is a true son of Ghana.

About a month ago, the Regional minister, Hon. Henry Quartey gave each executive in his constituency a vehicle and ghc10,000.00.
This week, he has extended similar acts of ghc5,000.00 and a vehicle to each electoral area coordinator in his constituency and intends to further extend this to polling station executives.
This mindblowing act has made all party members and executives in Ayawaso Central happy because since the party came into office, they have benefitted from the government and the party through their Member of Parliament.
This is very enviable and I want to take this opportunity to admonish all those who are fortunate to be ministers, MPs, CEOs MMDCES and in high places to be reminded that their positions are by the selfless toil of the grassroots in their various constituencies and they have also earned the right to be taken care of.
The net of opportunities available to such people in high places should not be cast on family members and close friends only, but to the men and women who have been patriotic to this day.
During the Delegates conference, almost all polling station executives kept complaining about being neglected and not getting any opportunities to better their lives.
So if an MP can do this selfless act with the “little” resources at his disposal to support his people, can’t the rest follow suite?
If we can have at least 50 of his kind, doing similar things for their executives, the 8 year cycle will be broken because party folks will be happy to sacrifice and work hard towards achieving such unprecedented feat in our political dispensation.
This has really shored up the respect and the kind of leader Hon. Henry Quartey is and this is what we expect of the rest of our MP’s, MINISTERS, CEOs and the rest because we know you have the resources at your disposal and all we are saying is for you to release them to everyone.
We need the help and support of our MPs and ministers because you have the power to positively impact the lives of many party faithful’s and we hope you shall all take a cue from the regional minister and make our party a selfless, delightful and successful one.
I salute you Hon Henry Quartey, and keep up the incredibly good work you are doing so far.
God bless you Good Patroit.

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