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How to save your marriage


Hello and salaam iqra and your fans, I’m a counselor and I’ve been following your page for quite sometime, I must commend you for the great free awareness you’ve been creating and I pray for more wisdom and patience for you people.
Iqra, I’m not here with an issue but something for your followers to think about critically and I’ll be glad the married couples on this page can confirm if what I’m saying is true or not.
There have been a lot of stories, issues and problems about sex, how to keep your husband, the best time to talk to him etc etc and mostly I see people advising that the best time to have a good conversation with your spouse is after a good sex funny!
Iqra, In every marriage, money is EVERYTHING. Let’s stop the lies and be true to ourselves, I’m speaking to ONLY married couples here.
Sex means nothing when you have bills, fees, rents, foodstuffs and other things you need to take care off financially. Perhaps your wife or husband never disclosed it to you, when a man or woman has money, their sex drive is different. Iqra, just imagine you getting alert that your salary have gone through or some money just dropped in your account or you just received some momo alert…..your mood be different.
So my friends, sex is a feeling and it’s mostly driven by money and nothing else. You can dress and put the best nighties if the man has a lot on his mind it’s just sex and not good sex. My friends, let’s hustle and make money please. Money makes marriage go Gaga, make money, work for money, get money, money is good, money is marriage, money is life and money is the only soul that spice the true beauty of marriage. Let’s stop the deceit that if you want the best time to talk to your spouse is after sex ,the best time to talk to your spouse is when you heard or figure out that they’ve gotten some money.

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