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We betrayed our Mother with our virginity


Jumma Mubarak iqra, please help with advice because I can’t continue with this, We’re 4 ladies and 2 of us are in their 30 years and the other 2 sisters too are in their 19 and 20.
Growing up with our parents, we lost our father and it hasn’t been easy with us. Our mother has been the one taking care of us and may Allah bless her so much but iqra we the 4 ladies don’t have freedom. I am saying we don’t have freedom because iqra, anytime we go out or any of us goes out.
 The moment we come back home, out mother will make all of us or the ladies who just returned home will have to perform ablution and recite the Quran and swear that you havent slept with any man when you left home. Iqra, we have been doing this swearing for Allah knows how long and to be frank with your readers iqra, all of us have tasted mohammadu before. Please forgive me for using that name I used it because at a point we were all secretly dating the names mohammadu and they have sleep with us may Allah forgive us. Iqra,
we have lied and swear a lot of years and now as the eldest daughter, I can see that there are consequences happening on my other sisters. It’s not our fault but our mothers strict nature. I am here to ask for advice and what we can do. If to tell our mother the truth or keep lying that we are still virgins.
Please Iqra help us.

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