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Gym instructor harasses clients.


Salaam Alaykum Iqra show.. Trust you guys are doing great Inn Shaa Allah.. May Allah bless your humanitarian works for the Ummah. I wish this message reaches your followers and the entire Ummah.
Iqra it’s about this trend of our women going to the gym. I’m never against keeping one’s body in shape, looking smart etc.. But there’s this trend that our Muslim women, some married, visit the gym to be trained by male instructors. As we all know gym is not a place where we visit with abaaya or long dresses.
And as a Muslim lady wearing an exposing dress, lying down for a male non-relative to be twisting you left right centre, i don’t think it’s the best per the Islamic Sharia.. We are Muslims and the Holy Prophet Muhammad once said “anyone who copies the non-believers is one of them”.
I would like to use this medium to advise our muslim ladies that they can visit the gym but at least let a female instructor train you or better still if married let your husband be your instructor.. Let’s fear Allah. We shouldn’t let our guards lose all in the name of civilization. We are all sinners but that doesn’t mean we should see wrong and overlook it cos we also sin differently.. May Allah continue to guide our hearts to what’s right.

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