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Troubled man in a train station


Good evening Iqra team, may Allah bless you for all the wonderful works you have been doing for us.. I’ve been a silent follower of your page and i never thought a day will come where I’d write a story to be posted, so my issue is that I’ve been married for almost 3 years now, iqra i love my husband so much but he is to proud, his ego is more than him iqra, recently my father has been diagnosed of cancer, though he hasn’t started treatment yet because they are running some test on him but he has been kept on pain killers to minimise the pain for a while.
 Iqra my husband asked me to call his dad(my father in law) to give me some herbs to help treat my dad,but i told him that my father finds it difficult to take drugs even the pain killers they give him ,he is always struggling to take them.
Iqra as soon as i said this he just started shouting, saying that if my father doesn’t want to take drugs then he doesn’t want to get welll and i should never bring up any topic about his illness when I’m talking to him, is my father a child why would he be sick and refuse to take medicine.
I told him to calm down and watch what he is saying because the person he is talking about is my father..i told him I’m not happy with what he said about my father ,for 3 days now this man refused to acknowledge that what he said was wrong neither will he apologise.. he even went as far as telling me to tell my people if i want because he hasn’t said anything wrong.
Please am i wrong for demanding an apology from him
May be an image of text that says "Is he a dagomba man? Busanga Busanga too with such ego Ah well it's PUBLISHED okay Thank you so much Aa"


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