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Plantain is like Gold now

Imagine how much it would have cost me to buy these plantains. The sizes have been constant whenever I harvest. Just take good care of your crops and you will always smile. I guess I need to deduct it from the “chop money.

I always knew you had other motives in this whole enterprise. Attempt any deduction and you’ll see your half. Meanwhile, I’ll get Gideon Afo informed about this

I know all agricultural implement are use for galamsey. To say a strange has cut down your cocoa for galamsey (both people stealing from the government

The plantain is very cheap. I found it difficult to sell so donated to orphanage. The taste very good and every lover of plantain will buy more of my produce.

Negative perception is that people don’t value what we do here, coming here every now and then trying to provide food for the very people who disregard what we do is a terrible feeling yet we are the ones feeding them.

The plantain business is a really profitable one as harvest are made every six month and the yield depends on how well you nurture the plantain . It’s our life savings and will be bug for the future.




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