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Has this man betrayed us.

Please, if you are a moslem and wants to donate to an NGO, Church Project/building, Shrine building/project or any other activity that will bring coexistence in our society, kindly contact this man ASAP… ,,.
He’s a master planner in executing such projects perfectly…. He’s the current spoke person for NATIONAL CHIEF IMAM..
No pastor will tell you Islam is bad! What they say, and in fact, what the Bible say is that, no one can go to the Father except through Christ. It’s by intuition to conclude that they say Islam is bad but nowhere in the Bible did it expressly say Islam is bad, in fact, Islam is never mentioned in the Bible. It’s rather the other way round
I want that confused Muslim cleric to answer these few questions.
In the Cathedral, there is going to be a Christian restaurant. Will there be Muslim or Hindu or pagan restaurants too? If no, what then makes it non-denominational or National?
2. When you were putting up the National mosque, did you receive any financial support from any of these churches? If yes, why didn’t you make it public? If no, doesn’t it imply that none of them cared about peaceful religious existence?
Lastly, back your actions with a hadith or Quranic verse otherwise, that is a Bidi-ah.

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