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Chief Imam wants peace


Salam Iqra, I can’t commend you enough for your efforts in operating this page and making it the official mouth piece of Zongo’s where we talk about our issues and try solve them. I say a big thank you and may Allah bless and increase you in health, wealth and patience in dealing with us.
I have seen a post regarding the chief Imams donation to the cathedral and an attempt by a previous poster to justify it with some infantile arguments whiles also using their health facilities,
This are the same weak arguments that where used when we where dealing with Muslims who where stopped for praying at SHS and you hear people also saying it’s their school forgetting that it’s the taxes we pay irrespective of religion that goes to the running of the so called “Their School and health facilities” In any case is their health facility free?
The hurry at which we try to publicize things coming from the chief Imams office is becoming too much ,when Pastor Otabil renovated part of the central mosque did you see it in the media? Anytime someone brings bags of rice, Milk or anything , it has to be in the news for everyone to see why?
Do you know that Gifts and other things are given to chief’s and other prominent people but never made public? What is the logic of giving monies from the office that represent Muslims for Christians to build a chatedral when we do not know the current state of a letter Christian council wrote in support of a particular denomination that stopped Muslims from praying and fasting in “Their School” ?
Don’t we as Muslims deserve to know since its our kids that are going to be dealing with this “Our school and health Centre” Syndrome. No one is against donating but doing it to Christians to build a church is simply WRONG. Also donating at this time when there seem to be a gang up against Muslims is insensitive and morally indefensible .
It’s almost as if when Muslims are being abused you see the chief Imam called to go make peace but not deal with the substance just like the issue of which Kaka’s family are peeved with the processes. I think those in the office need to ask themselves serious questions. We need the office to represent our (Muslims) interest . We need to talk about this issues so that we work on making the Office better rather than dismissing diverging views and making the office loose relevance in the eyes of Muslims. Salam alaikum.


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