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Wiyaala is an African true greatest

Wiyaala’s ways of doing things takes Africa to the international world as a sacred continent where the people living in it have always had better ways of doing things .

Wiyaala is a musician in Ghana whose style of music is pure traditionalized, he interprets her pain in her videos and includes humor and perception to tell people about the true story of Africa.

Ghanaians have to be grateful for such a gift, we have many musicians in the country who identify their music as foreign and mosta time even used foreign languages. by doing this we gradually loose our credibility as Africans.

If Africa is able to maintain everything in the raw genuine format then the world will respect Africa and not see as as inferior contienet who cannot do anything on its own.

The 2010 world cup was to testify that we Africans can do anything on our own. lets make ourselves proud by patronizing Wiyaala’s music.

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