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Tommy Wiredu had a voice of an Angel

Frank Mensah Pozo has made a dazzling revelation to the fans of the ones darling boy of Ghana music Tommy Wiredu that his partners voice had the chemistry of an Angel.

Tommy Wiredu was taught to have commited suicide when he was found dead to the gallows, he hanged himself in his own room and that never setteld well with a chunk majority of his fans who wanted justice for a man taught to have killed himself.

According to Mensah Poozo his partner had no reason to killl himself because they were not in debt and had all the chance to succeed and even go past what other Musician in the country had achieved on the international level.

He cited that the talent of Tommy Wiredu made others envy him immensely thus finnaly plotting his murder not considering the handicap nature of the musician made it more sorrowful to why a disabled musician will be murdered with his talent intact.

He had the voice of an Angel

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