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Famous Environmentalist, Ghana is beyond repair – Sadat Yakubu

According to a famous Ghanaian environmentalist, the state of the future of Ghana is uncertain as corruption continues to take its toil on the economy, he warns the Ghanaian society to be aware and prepare for any bad scenario in the future.

Mr Sadat hails from Tamale in the northern region of Ghana, he is best known for predicting the economy and societal trends in many African countries,his vies on religious matters  , the economy many other aspects like counselling to name a few.

He claim Ghana is in a dire of ever getting out of debts hence the continuous borrowing as already led the way, he claims that if Ghanaians can remember correctly such was not the case of the country ten years ago, he urged members in charge to be mindful of such matters and look out for measures to stop it rather that waiting which only escalates it in the future thus causing financial loss to the state.

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